Flying Scale Sopwith Pup


Membership is open to all who have an interest in constructing models.

There are three grades of membership, Senior, Junior and Social Membership

The Club is sensitive to the public concern over the safety of children and vulnerable adults, and has a policy statement dealing with the issue.  Anyone joining the Club must agree to abide by this policy.

Senior Membership

This is available to folk age 17 and over.

The current annual Senior subscription is £10.00.

Junior Membership


This is available to folk up to age 16.  The agreement of a parent or guardian is required for membership.

The current annual Junior subscription is £5.00.

Social Membership

This is available to folk who wish to be members of the Club and attend Social Events, but do not sail. The current annual Social subcription is £5.00.

Please Send an E-Mail to for a  Membership Application pack.

Club Documentation - Downloads
Constitution.pdf Constitution.pdf
Size : 40.249 Kb
Type : pdf
Club_Rules.pdf Club_Rules.pdf
Size : 57.106 Kb
Type : pdf
BMBC_Privacy_Notice.pdf BMBC_Privacy_Notice.pdf
Size : 28.262 Kb
Type : pdf
YoungPersonsPolicy.pdf YoungPersonsPolicy.pdf
Size : 13.174 Kb
Type : pdf

Club Models

The Club has three radio controlled model boats which may be made available for use by Members or Guests.

Members Models

Flying Scale SE5
Fairground Models

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